Sunday, 6 November 2011

M C Raj's Latest Novel Released

Blissed Out – A Glistering Novel

Author: M C Raj

Blissed Out by M C Raj is a scintillating novel on complex human relationship and treaty on human sexuality. The philosopher in him comes out repeatedly, even without invitation in the story telling. The story revolves around two human beings. One is Helen, a British, married to a Maori Chieftain in New Zealand. The other is Iniyan, a young lad from India who joins a University of Maori Arts. He is too much of a visionary for his age.  But then, who can determine the age of vision development?

Helen loses her father even before she was born and her mother on the day of her birth. Brought up by her uncle and aunt it becomes a daunting task for her to establish her self-identity. As she grows she travels to the US and encounters Tantrism of the Hindu order in an Ashram. Her sexuality becomes the centre of her focus and she attracts others to her. Complications in relationships push her back to England. But that is not her place.

The British are on an occupational drive and find the ‘white long cloud’ Aotearoa, the original name of New Zealand very attractive. Simple people, easy to occupy! Helen is taken to Aotearoa by her military uncle to tame the most rebellious Maori Chieftain. His ploy misfires. Helen marries the Chieftain. But both of them together could not resist the military skills of the British. The Chieftain is killed and Helen disappears. But she is back in Aotearoa to lead the Maori people in their struggle for self-assertion and land recovery. These were her beloved husband’s dreams. She succeeds. But her individual identity is much more important and she is in search. She lands up in a Buddhist Monastery in Mysore and encounters Vajrayana Buddhism. Praxis of Vajrayana sexuality of the monks, lesbianism of the women monks etc. make Helen’s trajectory of life more complicated.

Helen’s daughter falls in love with Iniyan as they study in the same college in New Zealand. He is too serious about his pursuit of art and is least interested in sex. The intrusion of this budding artist in the life of Helen through her daughter begins to bring in new intricacies in relationships.

What is the role of Iniyan in these complex realities of human relationship? What is the role of Helen in his life? What is the role of Helen’s daughter in Iniyan’s life? How do the parents of Iniyan respond to this new demand in their life? What is the converging answer to all these and many more questions of the readers?

A path-breaking novel that challenges the traditional mindsets! Can you give the answer before you completely finish reading the novel? Try your luck. Get a copy of your novel from or  Very soon the book will be available in all leading stores in and outside of India. Needless to say that M C Raj’s style of writing is readers’ delight. Is it an exaggeration to say that Raj creates a cosmic rumbling through his fictions? You can write to him after reading the novel.  Number of pages: 430. Price: Rs. 345/- US$ 15/-

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